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  1. Ah, Thanks. Both questions answered. Yes I am using Safari. And it was the "\n" that I was looking for. the "w" and "a" I was aware of. They are covered in the tutorial.
  2. I just can't seem to get out more than one line at a time. Never Mind. Sorry. Please Delete this thread.
  3. Let's try it this way.fwrite($file,$MyFirstVariable);
  4. I've looked through the tutorials and searched the forums and can't seem to find anything on how to do this.I'm trying to write some string data to a .txt file and I would like the value of each variable I'm writing to file to be written to a new line.I can open the file with $file=fopen("MyFile.txt","w");then I tried thisInteresting, My post is getting truncated. Can't explain my question. Any ideas why?
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