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    PHP functions

    Hi,I'm trying to create a function that can be called from different pages on my site.How would I do that?If I create the function in one page, the other page does not recognize it.The reason I need it is I use a software I bought to create Javascript menus. The problem is that with this software I can't pass php parameters, so the page my menu opens doesn't get the paramters it needs to operate. So I want to create a function this page can call to receive these parameters.Any ideas how to do that?Thanks,Sigal
  2. Sigal

    Validate Form

    Ok, added the IF statement to my original function and all is working now.Thank you, THANK YOU, thank you
  3. Sigal

    Validate Form

    Hi Synook,Maybe you can give me some more help here.What I did before I posted my question is using the toturial so I wrote this code:function validate_required(field,alerttxt){with (field){if (value==null||value=="") {alert(alerttxt);return false}else {return true}}}function validate_form(thisform){with (thisform){if (validate_required(orderedBy,"Oredered By must be filled out!")==false) {orderedBy.focus();return false} if (validate_required(shippingAddr,"Shipping Address must be filled out!")==false) {shippingAddr.focus();return false} if (validate_required(city,"City must be filled out
  4. Sigal

    Validate Form

    Thank you all, you've been a great help
  5. Sigal

    Validate Form

    Hi,I don't know Javascript and found this tutorial here.But I can't find the way to check something in my site.I want the user the fill in one of three fields so my check should be if phone and fax and email were not filled give a message that one of them should be filled.How do you do that?Thank you,Sigal :)
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