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  1. wow. It works now! Thanks, Ingolme.!!!I moved the html files to the root directory, and it worked.Does that mean that no matter it is not working in other folders? Even if it is linked with the folder name src = "teoritekst/xxx.html"?
  2. When using this iframe and new style in index.html, I am now able to se the text, but not the pictures: <div data-role="page" id="page9xxx"> <div data-role="header" id="txtHeaderSub"> <h1>Boring</h1> <a data-role="button" id="btnBack" href="#xxx" data-inline="true">Back</a> </div> <iframe src="teoritekst/pagetext.html" style="width: 100%; height:1500px" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0" vspace="0" hspace="0"></iframe> </div>pagetext.html looks like this: <div class="xx"> <blockquote class="page9xxx"> <span id="txtInfo"><h1>Title</h1></span> <p>text here</p> <a href="" class="thumbs"><img src="images/picture.png" style="width:663px;height:300px"/></a> <p>text here</p> </blockquote> </div>Any idea why image does not appear??
  3. I am creating an app with much text-information. So what is an easy way to link all the text and pictures to the index.html file? Using iframe? When using iframe only 3-4 cm of the text shows… <iframe id="iframeGeo" src="teoritekst/page7Geology.html" frameborder="0" height="100%" width="100%"></iframe> In the index.html file I have this code: <div data-role="page" id="page8Production"> <div data-role="header" id="txtHeader"> <h1>Produksjon</h1> <a data-role="button" id="btnBack" href="#page6Knowledge" data-inline="true">Back</a> </div> <div data-role="content"> <div class="div-widget"> <div> <blockquote class="txthistorie"> <span id="txtInfo"><h1>Utvinnning</h1></span> <a href="" class="thumbs"><img src="images/plattform.png style="width:304px;height:228px"/></a> <p>very much text here, therfore I have to link to another htmlfile. I cannot write all this in index.html</p> </blockquote> </div> </div> </div> In this application, there are some buttons, when clicking them you can read a lot of text. This hurry bit, so grateful for all the answers. Sorry for my bad english.
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