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  1. I'm going through the php tutorial and came across this and remembered your question.http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp
  2. What exactly is this a critique of and why does this sound biased as an elitist practice?
  3. I have to say that I appreciate your back-end abilities, that is not my area of expertise. I don't understand all of what you did in the html structure, but I would suggest that from a design standpoint, you work on a developing a theme. At the moment it seems as if each element of the page has a random visual property applied uniquely to it, that you were not quite sure if you needed.For example, focusing on the header, your title and subtitle are supplanted by a gorgeous stock picture. When you think about the visual flow, the default <h1> and <p> elements really just get in the way. It would be much more effective to have the visual element either at top, standing boldly on it's own; Or to save space you can position your content over the image. In the attachment is an example of my take on how you could give the design a great initial appeal. What I did was give you a top border pixel on the header, and positioned your content overlapping the image. Scaled up your <h1> so it was more prominent, and gave it a text-shadow so that it stands out from the sun in your image. It is unnecessary to have your picture following a user to each page they visit. Include it in your about page and that is all we every really need to see what you look like, unless you have a gallery to visually involve users in your life.Focusing on your content, I would suggest you choose either the left section or the right to dominate your page with content. It isn't visually appealing to have a sidebar fighting with your main content. I reduced the sidebar width to 35% and bumped up your content accordingly. I would also highly encourage you to include your content sections within a containing div.Another idea which didn't seem too well implemented was the ruled paper background for your commend textareas. An effective way of really making it feel accurate, is placing that text area inside a div, and making the image that div's background. Then you can remove the background and border properties and it will feel as if you are typing on the paper. you could even position the submit button over the paper field to add to it. If you wanted you could style each field over this container with the background paper, and go all out with it.It would be a great idea to get acquainted with what you can do in css styling.
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