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  1. Where can I find an example of a form with dynamic questions? Example: If the person checks off "female", make visible the question: Pregnant Yes/No
  2. Yes, and that should do it. That part of the project is a few months away and I wanted to make sure I could use a .asp page before I did all of my front end configuration. I'm not ready to learn asp.net, or should I say I don't have the time right now.
  3. First off, first post, I'm no .asp guru, but I get the job done... When passing a variable to a new page something like this: www.database.com/test.asp?mrnsearch=203434 Is there a way in .asp to create that record number in the db if it does not exist? I know I can easily open the record, but can I create a new one its it's not there? For instance I want to open mrn 203434 is if exists, if not create it and open it. Thanks
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