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  1. Thanks F-Man - that did the trick. It does indeed work on images - and I KNEW that - DUHHH! Brain Cramp??
  2. The page can be viewed here:http://www.nais-testbed.us/docs/acq%20plan...%20planning.htm
  3. Greetings form Southern Maryland. This is my first post.I've built a page with a banner at the top (.gif file) that will not automatically resize and the browser window is increased or decreased. So as the browser window is made smaller, the text shrinks so that all is still displayed, but the banner is cut off at the right edge. The page ws prepared in MS Word and saved as a web page, producing the code listed below, which exceeds my knowledge of html (which is VERY limited - I'm a beginner . . .): <body lang=EN-US link=blue vlink=purple style='tab-interval:.5in'><div class=Secti
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