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  1. Thanks, I managed to get white on black by changing trystyle.css using firebug but I need the change to be persistent, I'm not sure where to look in configuration as you suggest. After some searching I tried editing userContent.css but only succeeded in changing the background colour of the output pane and not the editor. Finally I installed the firefox stylish addon which after a bit of fiddling around has done what I wanted.
  2. Hi, I'm E from midlands, UK. I'm a lapsed systems programmer who thought he'd have a go at learning HTML, CSS, javascript etc & this is where I've ended up. I've had internet access since the early 80s yet I have never developed a website until this week with a bit of help from w3schools.com, so thank you. I haven't done any coding for nearly ten years so figured I'd choose something relatively simply to ease back into it, I am also learning python. I use linux (kxstudio) and in my past life developed in C/C++ & assembler and specialised in SCADA & process control.
  3. Hi, Is there any way of changing the background colour in the TryIt editor? Mine is displaying as a very light grey on a white background which I find very difficult to read so I am constantly having to select the text so I can see it. Using firefox with kubuntu if that is of any relevance. Thanks in advance for any advice. E.
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