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  1. Cobol, of course you're right. If I stay put, nothing will ever happen. The thing is that this is the only way I found to keep links at the same place without having to move up and down according to photos height. So, I'd rather go where the path is dangerous and see if I anyone can help. Eventually I'll go back on the safe side.
  2. Hi everyone! On my web photo gallery, as I assign the "go to next page" link, I mysteriously loose the "go to previous page" link. This happens to "footer" links only. In this example ( http://robertostephenson.com/samp/04.html ) both links work, while in the two other pages (http://robertostephenson.com/samp/03.html and page http://robertostephenson.com/samp/02b.html ), where links are set as footers, the left link is broken. If anyone want to get a closer look, here is a link to download the sample files: http://robertostephenson.com/samp.zip Thank you!
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