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  1. I know that is right, this case has been going on for while, and now its coming due and these people still are messing with her, no water now for three days, she doesnt have any money
  2. Boy thanks for all that. First of all, she didnt open the random attachment. You cant possibly know the crap that goes on there. I have watch remotely as she holds the mouse in her hand and it moves purposely across the screen, night before last, someone, once again, stalking her at her home, did something to disable her well. She has been two days without water now Then just throwing away her PC, she lives (if you can call it that) off $700 a month of SSI, so just being absurd, throwing a PC because someone is trying to do malicious damage is just retarded. BTW, there is no such thing as "common sense", another oxy-moron. So that leaves us with the next usual comment, why she doesn't call the cops? Well her federal lawsuit that is coming due anytime now,is against the cops, who she therefore could not call. They are the ones behind sealing her animals, she had 29 in all at one point, they stole, shot and poisoned all bu one, there were 5 arabian horses there. All I am asking for a little help, I have been building PC's for 20 years, she isn't stupid, and she at least forwarded it to me. So if you could tell, me how to post more than 2 lines at one time? I have tried to post this stuff and the two lines is all I could post. Seriously dude, this is no ###### dead serious, picture this, small, backwards redneck town, singling out a a single Native American female, they want her little piece of land that is the only access to 80 some acres that is behind her house. I remote into her PC a lot, I watched here, holding her mouse up in her hand and watched the cursor go from one icon to another. Her son was walking a puppy, on a leash, he was 8 at the time, in their front yard, and someone shot and killed the puppy, she has bullets still impaled in her garage. Her son is 28 years old now, and that happened 20 years ago. So tell me how to post this code exactly because I cant post it all. It only let me post those 2 lines. I really am asking for help here, she had to send in her rebuttal for the county asking to dismiss her case against them. They know she has files on her PC, please if you cant help, please dont be mean, hateful and Facetious. This really is happening, I need to know what this code does.
  3. What would really help is, is to know what this code means or does. Yeah I could say, it is spam but since this has been going on for over 20 year, they have all hacked into some of her accounts, they hacked into and remote into her PC. She has seen them moving her mouse, it moves even when she is holding it in her hand. They come in her house when she is not there and move things around. move things around outside, poison some of her animals she just recently got. They killed around 10 of her hybrids, poisoning and shooting them, they took her Arabian horses. I need so know what this code is supposed to do. Here is an example,. if it lets me post this. { start_channel_downloader_temp_move = start_channel_downloader_temp_move + 'Math'; const_port_sender_str_js(); }; function src_jar_class_in() { start_channel_downloader_temp_move = start_channel_downloader_temp_move + 'l(455'; id_au(); }; function sum_pid_note()
  4. I don't think so. The recipient has an open federal case, a RICO case, corruption by the local sheriff agency. They are still messing around with her. They come to her house when she's not home, move things around, remote into her PC. She has been at her PC when her mouse started moving around the screen, she even picked it up and held it in her hand. I would not ask, if I didn't want to prove this is just one more thing they are trying to do to her. They shot her house 3 times, he son (age 8 at the time) was walking a puppy on a leach in her front yard, going to the mail box, she shot and killed the puppy. They killed or seized all her animals. She had several horses, Arabians, and about bunch of wolf hybrids. Some of he hybrids were poisoned, some were shot right in front of her. They would come to her house, open gates of her fence, break her fence and get the animals out and off her property for grounds to seize them, they claimed they killed a neighbor’s goats. they people did not even have goats at the time. She lives on SSI disability only 700 a month,. She sold wolf hybrids to live off of. She could not pay her property taxes, and last December, I if I had not helped her pay her taxes, she would be homeless right now. They illegally barred her from having any animals, even though they did not charge her with anything. They are trying to force her off her land because somebody wanted it for a housing development. I am pretty sure this was an executable file. The thing is, she does have an on-going federal case that is due to come back into court. She just got a document through the mail from the defendants asking to dismiss her case against them, on May fourth. The claimed sender’s name is the name of as in US Government representative. They just spelled the name wrong. duane is spelled dwayne The email: -----Original Message----- From: State Court Sent: Sunday, April 12, 2015 3:23 AM To: looknthruwolfeye@att.net Subject: [bulk] Notice to Appear in Court Notice to Appear, You have to appear in the Court on the April 20. Please, prepare all the documents relating to the case and bring them to Court on the specified date. Note: The case may be heard by the judge in your absence if you do not come. You can find the Court Notice is in the attachment. Regards, Duane Taylor, District Clerk.
  5. I don't see what I posted. I pasted it a couple of times?? dont see where I can upload.
  6. How do I post it? Tired pasting it, tried uploading it as a word doc, neither went through.
  7. I did not open it myself. The email containing this script was forwarded to me from a fiend who received it. The email was claiming to be from a Florida State Representative, regarding a court appearance, which she does have a pending federal case involving RICO. The signature was supposed to be Dwayne Taylor but they spelled his name wrong and the signature also said court clerk. I wanted to ask someone first before posting the actual code. Here it is.
  8. I have a java script that came through an email, claiming to be from a court official. I would like to know if anyone can tell me what it was supposed to do.If anyone can rad this and tell me what it is for, probably some kind of virus or something, Was not from an actual court official. Would be great to have this for evidence. If anyone wnts to see this let me know, and the best way to give the file i question. Thanks
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