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  1. Turbo


    Yes, but with JavaScript you can create a small simple half-text games...:)such as fox hunt:http://www.xnick.org/games/fox/
  2. You need a script which will change the width and height properties of the banner on the window size changes... I don't actually know if it is possible in JavaScript
  3. Turbo

    email forms

    Hi :)Here is the free email hider. It asks you to enter:1. the email you want to encrypt2. the text for the link3. the image name (if scripts are turned off the image will appear). You can write on picture your email. If scripts turned off there will be no link but in any case the your email will be shown :)It is on JavaScript and it generates the Javascript code :)Here is the link: http://turbo.novline.ru/scripts/email_hider.htmland you can see the code here: <script> $link = prompt("Please enter the email which should be hidden from the bots", "user@domain.com"); $descr = promp
  4. I use the following editors Bred3 (freeware for Russian users only, for Windows):http://www.astonshell.ru/freeware/bred3/Bred2 (freeware):http://www.astonshell.ru/freeware/bred2/P.S.: do anyone knows some cool freeware editors for Windows? :)I liked Kate editor very much (I saw the screenshots) but it is for Linux
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