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  1. I understand perfectly what You are saying here, and that would be one approach, but You missinterpret what I meant when I said "refresshing an element".Let me expalin a little bit more.If I choose to leave the custom tags on the page, I tought, instead of returning an HTML and updating the element,I could manipulate the custom tag attribute object, which is responsible for filling the custom tag with results (an array list like object), and that change would be propagated in already rendered HTML element.The only problem I ran on here is after I manipulate the object I need to refresh the pag
  2. So the custom tags are off then.If the only way is to return the rendered HTML elements (and not custom tags) then I don't need them at all (in their current form).There was one more mechanism, I thought of, that could involve using the custom tags, but in order to use it successfully I need to figure out how to refresh HTML elements without re-submitting the page.Can someone please write a JavaScript code example?I've tried some searching online but no luck.Thank You.
  3. Of course, here is the video clip. Also, I have tried to create this element in Javascript callback function, but I'm getting DOM error no. 5.I know how to solve my problem (create a function that will hard code HTML elements as string) but I was wondering can this be solved via custom tags (if not then there is no need to use them, and they are really neat if you want to avoid code duplication).If You need some more information I'm at your disposal. Thank You.
  4. I have the need to have custom JSP tags in my web application.My custom tag works well when I run the application.Since I use Ajax (Javascript + Servlet + JSON) i tried to create my custom tag as a DIV element child in my Ajax Callback function.I tried using innetHTML method and createElement methods, and none of them works.So, I was wondering is this possible to do (or not) and how if it is?Thank You.
  5. Geeze, talking about case-sensitivity. This raises another question, how do I enable syntax checking for Javascript, in NetBeans IDE, to avoid stupid mistakes like this one in the future? Thanks a million. :)Cheers!
  6. Currently I'm learning Ajax with Java.The innerHTML method works when I'm retrieving simple string data from the servlet, and when I need to update only one HTML element.Since I have the need to update more HTML elements it occurred to me that I can use JSON object with several properties (HTML tag data for each element needed updating).After trying that I've noticed that innerHTML method doesn't work, when I try to process the retrieved data in the Callback function.My question is, why is this happening?Did someone had a similar problem when using JSON with Javascript.Just for the record, whe
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