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  1. I thought you were being facicious by telling me to test in a "real browser"...since I stated my browsers were old, so it's apparent that I know what browsers are. I used to design websites with tables (& taught it at a state university)...I'm just not a coder. Have the highest possible versions of Safari (4.1.3), Firefox (3.6.28) & TenFourFox (31.3.0) installed that are compatible with my machine & system, Mac PPC (before Intel) OS X 10.4.11. The earliest version of Chrome is not compatible. Just because the site works fine in my Safari & Firefox browsers doesn't help, but
  2. I'd love to but I don't write code, only edit what's there already (mentioned), & limited knowledge with that. Basically, I'm totally a right brain artist/musician who cannot afford to get new equipment, so doing the best I can with what I've got. I'd have a "real browser" on my machine if it were compatible.
  3. Thank you Foxy Mod! Can you help make a distinction for me? In the Dw insert media command, the MP3 audio media to be inserted does not appear as a choice in the pop-up list which includes Flash, Shockwave, ActiveX, Applet, Flash Button, etc. In this case, one has to choose "plugin" from that same menu then navigate to the MP3 file. Does that action mean I'm using a plugin? Wasn't sure if that action just inserts a placeholder for media or if Dw accesses a physical plugin file (on my HD incl with the Dw install) that includes code within the MP3. Re: resolution to the problem... Do
  4. Hello! I have a web page that is not standard compliant, just need it available temporarily until I can build it using CSS. Created in Dreamweaver CS3, HTML 4.0.1 Transitional with tables (ouch), using the "insert plugin" feature. Page has multiple MP3 files that were converted from the .aiff format by the app All2MP3 for Mac. If you can suggest a free converter that includes metadata, as this one does not. Am working with old equipment & browsers, so cannot test visually myself, but I am told that the files function fully as intended in current versions of Safari, IE & Firefox
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