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  1. Thanks all, I was mainly looking for something like this http://www.cssfontstack.com , existing font styles, even shows the availability on systems. Kind of...both. I'm in the phase of experimentation, need to see what's 'available'
  2. Thanks, but those are just a few examples, it's not the full list of available fonts.
  3. Hello, I'm working at a site in wordpress, I use 'inspect element' a lot, and I want to know how can I see all the default font styles and their preview, so I can choose it more easily. In inspect element it only shows me the one available for font-family : serif, sans-serif, monospace, fantasy etc. Is there maybe a site or something (or a chart) where I can instantly see all those default text styles (so not something I have to download), and their preview? Thanks.
  4. Hey, I'm Adrian, I'm novice in webdesign and I would like to learn more about it to become a freelancer. I made some courses of html, css, javascript, jquery, photoshop, SEO.
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