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  1. Thanks everyone for your submission so far... Keep em coming :)I appreciate your help.Also, if you have any suggestions on how to implement such a system pls let me know.The proposed system will work for product reviews as well as blog comments, forum post or any other opinion sources found online.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm conducting research for the University of Bedfordshire in the area of Semantic Web technologies. I'm interested in the input of enterprise-scale implementors. The results of this study will be used to design a software system using Semantic Web standards that wouldautomatically read consumer product reviews (i.e. Amazon product reviews) and automatically determine customers'happiness/satisfaction based on their product review comments. This survey should only take about 3 minutes of your time. Your answers will be completely anonymous. You can access the questionnaire here:- Developers' questionnaire: https://docs.google....fUjFfelZXZlE6MQ General IT user questionnaire: https://docs.google....PNnJKNDR5VkE6MQ Thank you in advance for participating in this survey.
  3. True, But he did say that it is for his 'basic' website.Unless he will be implementing SEO it will solve his problem.I have also seen it used on HTML email marketing campaigns, as email clients donot allow scripts to be ran.
  4. Hi, If what you want is to include a side pane with links that are on another website check out the following link:http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_iframe.aspIf what you want is to have a side pane with your own links check the following link:http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_navbar.asp
  5. I decided to use an HTML DOM hidden object which would hold the recordset with the published_id value and then reference the hidden field using Request.Form(). It worked....
  6. I am using IIS7 which does not display error messages to the browser by default. However I did configure it to allow it.
  7. Apparently I was giving it the wrong instructions for the first field, thanks for the heads up. I changed the sql string slightly but the problem still persists. The recordset/querystring is being disregarded on the sql string for some reason:sql="INSERT INTO Bookings (booking_id,published_id,user_id,booking_date,booking_time,booking_quantity,booking_payment_type)"sql=sql & " VALUES "sql=sql & "('" &code& partid &numIncrement&"','"& partid&"','"& Session("userid")&"',"sql=sql & "'" & Date()&"','"& time()&"','"& Request.Form("quantity")&"','"& Request.Form("ptype")&"')" When I printed the sql string this was the output:----------------(booking_id,published_id,user_id,booking_date,booking_time,booking_quantity,booking_payment_type) VALUES ('BK_45','','0918523','02/06/2011','10:31:57','1','cash') ----------------
  8. The data type is a stringI also have this field as a primary key on the table 'Published' and it would be a foreign key on the table 'Bookings'
  9. I'm having problems inserting a value into a record in ms access.I have a recordset object which I passed on to my page and I access it using Request.QueryString.when I try to insert a record, it works, however the field that is supposed to have the Request.QueryString value remains empty.not sure what is going on. My best explanation is that Request.QueryString saves values as UTF-8 and th sql does not by default. <%dim codedim timedatedim numIncrementdim bkidcode = "BK_"timedate = Day(Date) & Month(Date) & Year(Date) & hour(now) & Minute(now) & Second(now)numIncrement = "44"bkid = code & timedate & "_" & numIncrement%><%If Request.Form("bookeventBtn") <>"" Thensql="INSERT INTO Bookings (booking_id,published_id,user_id,booking_date,booking_time,booking_quantity,booking_payment_type)"sql=sql & " VALUES "sql=sql & "('" & bkid &"','"& Request.QueryString&"','"& Session("userid")&"',"sql=sql & "'" & Date()&"','"& time()&"','"& Request.Form("quantity")&"','"& Request.Form("ptype")&"')"on error resume nextconn.Execute sql,recaffectedif err<>0 then Response.Write("No update permissions!")else response.write("Thank you for booking this event. – Your booking ID is: " & bkid)end ifconn.closeend if%> Can someone please offer some assistance?Thanks
  10. Hi,How do I insert a record with 1 field from another table and the other fields from user entry?i.e.I have a table with 7 fields. I would like to insert a record where: one of the fields is a field on another table another field is a combination of a field on another table concatenated with some text that I will enter The rest will be strings that I will enter This is my source table:Publishedpublished_idfield2field3fieldnThis is my target table:Bookingsbooking_idpublished_iduser_idbooking_datebooking_timebooking_quantitybooking_payment_type Bookings.booking_id is made up of "BK_" + Published.published_id Bookings.published_id is equals to Published.published_id The rest are entered manually ie. value('someText','someText','someText') Any suggestions on how to implement this?
  11. Well, You need to know about web servers, database configurations, among other things. Imagine if you take on a small company as a customer, If they need support, yyou will need to be able to provide it. Or at least be able to hire consultants who are skilled in those areas and are always available to contract for you.
  12. aspnetguy: I would like to hear your views on this in more detail as I understand that JSP works very well with Apache Tomcat.
  13. This should probably be a new 'general' topic called 'which is better, JAVA or .NET?' as this topic was originally on another different one (which editors to use)
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