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    No I didn't try that but I will. Thanks for the help Any more suggestions are welcome.
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    OK, I am a newbie. I got a template off the internet xhtml/css. I have changed alot on the page like taking stuff out and making my own banner and background. I chose this style of page because of the content box on the page. I can add content without the color blending with the background.But what I need to know is how to add photos to the box whith text beside it.I tried a few things but the photo always goes under the text. I would like it to look something like this: TEXT Photo text text Photo Photo Text If you could just post some links to a tutorial or maby review the code both xhtml and css and point me in the right direction that would be very helpful.Thanks
  4. OK, I am new to web design and graphics design but I am trying to learn so after a few days of reading forms and tutorials on w3school I started with building a page for my paintball team. This is what I have so far. www.3rdcommandos.110mb.com Yes I know it lacks information and yes I did start with a free template but I have made quite a few changes. Also I have learned a lot from breaking it down to change stuff. And yes this is only the home page but the other pages will follow this same style. So please let me know what you think. I am trying to make it look the best I can with my limited knowledge, and learn as much as I can while doing it. What I would like you to look at is the code, layout, color scheme, etc... Then I use this to layout the rest of the pages. Thanks
  5. I only used coffee cup to test the code and it made a header at first it was html 4.01 but i changed it now to xhtml 1.0 transitional but I'm not really using coffee cup to generate anything else. Sorry if I don't have all the terms correct I'm am in a learning process.
  6. No, i think that there was just something wrong with my browser it was just refreshing or something when i clicked save. Not really sure but i fixed it nowwent to xhtml anyways. But if you want to check the codes and make sure its correct, and let me know what you find.
  7. Yeah, I dont know what was up with that. It was up. I had that problem. Then when I exited the browser and tried to go back to it, it was no longer there my whole file was gone. I'm thinking the save file option on the page just wasn't working or something. I'm fixing to put it back up real quick check it again plz.OK, I put the site back up in xhtml transitional format if you would plz review it and tell me if i made any mistakes.Thank you for your help w3s members.
  8. OK, I know this is probably simple but I'm using 110mb as a server, my web page is www.3rdcommandos.110mb.com. I'm creating a site for my team to practice with html. I started out trying to make it html 4.0 transitional then I tried to make it xhtml 1.0 but couldn't get that to validate ether so I went back to html. I'm not really sure when this problem started or why its happening but there are several spots where my tags close with <etc... /> showing validation errors. When I try to fix them and save the file they return back to where they were. Can someone help me with this plz.
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