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  1. Hi, because of changes to our company I have recently become the web developer again. I enjoy web development, however, when I take 3-5 year breaks, I get rusty. Plus, things change, and new things that I am not up to speed with emerge. This time I have discovered that it a good idea to use Flexbox for responsive design. It looks like some great stuff. However, I am curious to know if I should really let this be what I rely on for a responsive site. Are there cons to working with Flexbox layouts? Thanks
  2. I have an Adobe Animate CC project that I have changed to make it better. It is problematic because Adobe has not done a good job of generating code that can run simultaneously on a page. I manipulated the code to be able to do this. Understanding a good amount of JavaScript but not everything I can get this to work. The Adobe Animate CC program generates code that is native Create JS. The local script connects to Create JS to make things animate. When I run the code without a JavaScript timer I think that both functions try to fire at the same time. At this point only, one animation works and shows up. Throwing them into a set Interval fixes this because they are not starting at the same time. I am using jQuery to load and run them on my page. I have seen some jQuery functions, that can run two functions simultaneously. I can’t remember which one. Does anybody know of way jQuery can call two functions in a way where they do not collide? I am interested in knowing how can get a function to fire and not collide in theory also. So any help for that is appreciated. But I would like to know how jQuery would handle functions totaling two, three, four etc. Thanks Doberman-German.zip
  3. I want to know if the slider button (nav buttons at bottom) is less than or greater than the current panel. This way I can determine if the animation should go to the right or left. For example if I am on the 4th panel and I click the 2nd button I want it animate from the left, If I clicked the 6th button (while currently on 4th) I want it to animate from right. Thanks
  4. Thanks for pointing that out that was a mistake. I had renamed the the slider div and the object from marquee to slider. I fixed it. I can't seem to get the IF statement at line 135 to do what I need it to. Its context seem to override what I need. I want to understand this for learning sake also... what is this concept called and how is it handled. Thanks
  5. I modified this code from another project. I want a slider that goes both directions. I did not want to siled all panels at once. Like I see a lot of sliders do. I wanted the content to show in kind of an “in-demand” once requested way. This being one of my first jQuery projects, I figured I would learn, so I tried it out. I seem to get pretty much what I wanted. The place I am stuck with is this. I cannot seem to get out of the IF statement context in the sliderMultipanel function. I need this, so I can determine the direction the animation should flow in, based on the click. I have read a lot and learned some about bubbling and (stopping) propagation, but I don’t know if I am going down the correct path. The IF statement seems to keep on starting the counting over. This makes for unexpected results. So what gets evaluated by the IF is only sometime correct, also it does random weird behavior. However, it is correct if its context is outside of the IF or click function (see lines 66-73). Can some show a way this can be done? To be clear I want to properly determine the number of the nav button click so the slider can go in the requested direction. Thanks https://codepen.io/pctechtv/pen/KrxoOQ
  6. Hi, I have just learned some things about version control. I find the concepts very useful, thing I have needed for a long time. I am using SourceTree for my version control program. I am interested in trying the Git GUI program as well. My question is when using version control software do you risk corrupting you file? I tested SourceTree on a FileMaker solution (file) I have. It worked, it made versions and I can revert to different ones. Is this absolutely safe for the file? It feels safe with text, because you see the content but with binary files it is non-evident how it makes the changes. This makes me feel like I could lose or corrupt the file. Also it makes me feel like I could hear a company like FileMaker or Adobe say “we don’t support that!”. Thanks
  7. The way I was imagining it was like a site that a user (contributor) interacts with to let you know some feedback from another contributor is needed. The user (contributor) would then interact with the site and a phone application would instantly notify the other contributor. I was thinking this could be instant (as fast as servers can work). Simply from something like a click. Would polling be necessary if you have interaction? No correct? Thanks
  8. That is a helpful start. I was reading about push notification on iOS is this something that can be achieved via Android as well? Could you name a software that sends notifications, would that be something like Node.js. Thanks
  9. I am looking for a helpful start (key words or even phrases) to begin understanding what it takes for a web site to give auto notification to an app on iOS and Android. I hope that wording is understandable, but in short how can things that happen on my website be automated to send the data as information to phones apps. Is this handled via web services? Thanks
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