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  1. is there a way to have text-to-speech not read a certain words or numbers. example: " 3. I'm a noob " I dont want tts to read "3." and just read " I'm a noob". I have tried speak:none and aria-hidden="true" , But that appear to only work for screen reader and not tts. I am using google text to speech. and my code is in html5. Thanks Updates: This question seem to be unclear to some people. I am making an android app book that have the feature text-to-speech. When text-to-speech is enable, It read everything on the page. I want a code that can control what i want it to read on the page and what not to read out loud. for an example : I want it to read out loud the body paragraph texts and not read loud out the chapters text on that page.Is there a code that I can use. thanks
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