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  1. Hi guys,I'm back with a new website that I havent integrate it yet cause I need to see what the user thinks first.Below is a small usability of the home page.1. What do you think it is?2. What strikes you first?3. What would you click on first?4. What do you think you can do on this page?5. Do you find the design appealing? Is there something that you would change?Mirobec Entretien Inc.Thank you for your support.
  2. nice graphictoo many fonts and not that readble, choose a smoother, nicer font and use only one or max two font types. And change the color of the font too cause that blue has nothing to do with the theme :)I would have done the hover effect on the main menu with a transparency effect and a nicer font of course (try DIN or Trebuchet)And for the othe colors (fonts, lines, backgrounds) on the site try adobe.kuler.com :)good luck
  3. Upper menu - decide if the first letter should be capital or not. Name the links in a more intuituve way not like (Tell us what you think?) and such.Site Search - the Go is not aligned with the input fieldCan I click the logos below? (Matrix ....) Dont put questions in the users head :mellow:Too much text, the site wants to say smth through the text and not the images. There are no images that reflect what the company does.The statement below the logo is too small.Too many types of font. Resume to one or two.You need some color on your site ... not only the colors from the logoTry using adobe
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    Music Portal

    Hey guys,I want to do a small usability test for the mockup below.I have 4 small question that I think is going to help me a lot in my design.I know this is not the proper way of doing usability tests but at least is something :)Thank you very much for your help.Please ignore the fact the doesnt have a footer / header1. What is this?2. What strikes you on this page?3. What would you click on first?4. What can I do here?http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=20...5519&size=o
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