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  1. If we want to migrate an application in ASP or VB-6 to ASP.net or VB.net we would need to do an assessment before the actual migration. This tool (Eg for VB6 to VB.net, we have an assessment tool from Microsoft-ArtinSoft which will provide us the effort, estimation a complete assessment of the existing VB-6 application. This is very useful if we make a proposal to the clinet for any migration project.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyo...;displayLang=enis there any similar tool available for ASP.?This was my question..
  2. Is there any ASP assessment tool available.
  3. Is there any ASP assessment tool available.
  4. Yes I understand your views. Thank you very much.I am in to migration group of a company. we are seeing all the possibilities of all kind of Converions.Like VB6 - VB.net ASP to ASP.netBut this VB5, I think the only option is First convert from VB5 to VB 6 (Change all the Data Layers and other non supported Controls)Then VB6 to VB.net..I wanted to check any tools availble in the market to do this job (atleast 50% )
  5. Migration to Dot Net (VB to VB.net, ASP to ASP.net) :Any body knows whether we can migrate directly from VB-5 to VB.net?Sunil.S
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