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  1. In my opinion, the site should be translated from the begining to the end.I agree with WAI that it should be done voluntary, and I disagree in that case that only main, stable documents should be translated, cause I guess in this conditions you have to know English to find some documents in your own language (may be I misunderstood smth, but I interprete their provisions this way, sorry, if I'm wrong).I see two ways to solve this problem:1) Creating official w3schools site in your languge. This presume a contract between w3schools on the one part and you on the other part. I don't know if it i
  2. Hello,This is great and useful site. It contains much wholesome information, tests and so on. But it's not available for all people.I know that English is international language and in some part is the official language of Internet. But I would like to see this site in my language.The idea is simple. I would like to see this site translated in Russian language(and others, but I can translate it only in Russian) and ready to do some acts towards fulfillment of this idea.How can it be realized?Sorry for my English. I didn't want to be offensive.Sincerely yours,Gabriel.
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