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  1. This seems to be causing a lot of chaos. I got a similar message at some other IPB forums from the same user.
  2. Hello,How do I make it so that when you send an e-mail, the e-mail just sends, so the user doesn't have to see, then send the e-mail.-Shadeplay23
  3. Hello,I would like to know how to make a form required, so that if the user types in the wrong answer, then a pop-up message will appear saying that they need to fill that in.
  4. Hello,I was thinking maybe we should make a forum called: "Tutorials & Examples."There is a forum called the Game Maker Community, which provides support on it's program, GM, and it has a forum where people can post their examples on coding. I think people should be able to post their examples here.The forum link is: here.This note is directed to the administration of the community. Regards, --Shadeplay23 Games Management
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