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  1. Hello everyone I have been trying and failing to add a background image to my web page via an external style sheet. I used the following code: body { background-image: url(mywebpage/image.jpeg); } Could someone help me please and tell me where i've gone wrong.
  2. oldboot

    HTML5 Elements

    Big thanks for the explanation Ingolme
  3. Have been trying to learn HTML5 but what confuses me is the use of the <section> and <article> elements. For example in some tutorials you see this: <section> <article> content </article></section> yet in other tutorials you see another way of using these elements: <article> <section> content </section></article> Could someone tell me if both examples are correct or if only one of the examples is correct. Thanks
  4. oldboot

    HTML5 & CSS3

    I really do like the html5 tutorials here but can anyone recommend a book which covers html5 & css3 for a beginner please. Thanks
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