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  1. I did the HTML, javascript and JQuery courses on Codecademy, and I was starting php, but i thought mayabe it wasn't that important. Apparentely it is... In that case, I guess I will complete the PHP course in Codecademy and read the PHP tutorial in W3. I don't mind it is complex. I mean, that's the point of why I'm learning this. That in a few years I will be able to do those complex things and if I don't try to, I never will. Thanks for the help
  2. Hello, everyone. I've been learning some things at Codecademy and I decided I should start using those things I learned, so I could get more practice, not forget it, and learn new things I wouldn't be able to learn there. So, for my first project, I decided to create a fan site (I'm not actually gonna use it, it's just for practice), and I did it using Bootstrap. For that reason, I was wandering in the W3 website, checking all the things I could do, until I found this http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_pagination.asp I thought it would be helpful because I wanted the fan
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