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  1. difference betwee php and asp.net? when we go for asp.net and php?
  2. ajax adv and disadv?
  3. what is the difference between php website and cms technologies?
  4. mysql supports stored procedures?
  5. mysql supports stored procedures?
  6. my sql supports stored procedures?
  7. difference between post and get in ajax? when we go for post and get give me the examples plz?
  8. what is the synchronous and asynchrnous in ajax? give me the examples plz?
  9. plzzz give me the code how to implement ............
  10. how can we impliment file upload using oops with mysql?
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    what is the curl how can we use, where we can use it?
  12. radha1


    Question 36: There are 19 rows in the Titles table and 9 rows in the Publishers table of the SQL Server 2000 database PUBS. The result of executing the query below returns only 18 rows.SELECT title, pub_nameFROM Titles INNER JOINPublishers ON titles.pub_id = publishers.pub_idWhich of the following statements correctly describe a possible reason why all 19 rows of the Titles table are not returned? A. There is a row in the Titles table with a publisher that has no matching value in the Publishers table. B. There is a row in the Titles table with a NULL value in the pub_id column.
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    Question 37: Which of the following outputs accurately describe the result of executing the SQL Server 2000 command below?SELECT STR(5764.12, 3, 2) A. *** B. 764.12 C. 576.12 D. 577 E. @@@
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    Question 38: An ecommerce application is being built which relies heavily on session variables. Due to an expected high demand it has been decided to ensure the application can be run on a multiple machine webfarm. Which of the following options for storing session state will meet the application's requirements? A. Store session state with an in-process ASP.NET process. B. Develop the application with stateless COM+ components. C. Store session data to a table in a database. D. Store session data using the Output cache directive. E. Store session state in the out-of process Windows State
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