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  1. Hi I have dine quite a lot of research on getting my website "fluid" I an now at the point of hving to decide if I should use dreameaver fluid layou / section or mQuery or should I redo a seperate site for mQuery mobile. The latter means two site. Detection of the users site seems a choice. With two sites would I loose some of my ranking. I have been on the web with this printplus.co.za site for 15 years now. Any advice of which road to take will be welcome. I can the get down to it thoroughly. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi My name is Terry all though I use the name Terrybull. (Which came from my days of being a dairy farmer in the area near Port Elizabeth) South eastern side of South Africa. Came back to Cape Town with a mad craving for computers. One of the first to run my dairy on computers (Apple!!) Owned a computer outlet, lost quite a bit hence still working at 71. Started with Pascal but now other the my own website and a few smaller ones I do printing from rooms added to home. Back to website 'maintenance' now to make my website smart phone friendly. I am now getting quite a lot of my work from young
  3. Thanks you both. I am working on it. The down sizing or usage on smart phones is going to a be a big one but I must conform so will go to it.
  4. Hi, I need help with Titles and the meta sections. I have made my website using Dreamweaver. The web has been running for quite a while with good success but I am now not popping up on google as 'high' as I was a year ago. I thought the first step is to ensure I have these items correct. I have used a template. My website is printplus.co.za. If help not here please direct me to a good site to read up. I have tried to find samples. The main queries are such: Titles before or after meta tags. What meta tags ie Name Keywords Description. Help will be appreciated. PS As I am new here, w
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