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  1. I recently found W3 Schools site related to my search for information on navigation bars. What I am most interested in learning is how to build a navigation bar that matches what W3 Schools has on their own website. I especially want to learn how to build a navbar that has dropdowns that behave the like the ones they have for Tutorials and Examples. I have been unable to locate anything on their tutorials that would show me an example of how that is done. If anyone has any or could point me in the direction of where I can find some examples, I would be extremely thankful.
  2. I realize this post is over a year old, however, I am brand new to learning about CSS and navigation. What I am ultimately looking for is an example of how W3 Schools executed their menu bars. I want to be able to have a drop-down like they have for examples and tutorials where it looks like a box that can have multiple headings under it and the content of the main page shifts down when opened. If anyone knows of someplace where I can find such an example, I would greatly appreciate the learning opportunity.
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