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  1. Yes, I really need animation. The code is just a simplified example... The browser prefixes are usefull but don't solve the problem.
  2. Hi, I'm from Poland, I think this is the best site to learn CSS. I'm sure I'll enjoy the forum.
  3. My animation uses keyframes, starts on hover and has a long duration. When I move the mouse out while the animation is still running it stops instantly. I need the interrupted animation returns to it's original values gradually. (Like 'transform' does). @keyframes KF_Problem { 100% {transform:scale(2);} }.Problem:hover { animation:KF_Problem 3s; }.Problem { transform:scale(1); transition:3s;}.All_OK:hover { transform:scale(2); transition:3s;}.All_OK { transform:scale(1); transition:3s;} 1) How can I do that? 2) Why does Firefox "do the work" automatically and all other browsers
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