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  1. Hello, I use applescript and javascript in order to get the coordinates of a selection area in Photoshop and save them to a text file. This works perfectly, but now I am attempting to set this up on a computer, which does not have photoshop installed. Is there a way to do that? I was thinking of Preview and I managed to the necessary file in preview via applescript, but I cannot find anything on how to get the x and y coordinates of the various points of the selected area. The terminal command screencapture maybe does not help either, because I need the coordinates and sizes (left, top, width, height) in relation to the pic's size. I post below the code to get this information out of Photoshop. Any ideas? tell application "Finder" set sourcefolder to (get selection) as alias set ocFolder to folder "original-captures" of sourcefolder as text tell application "Adobe Photoshop CS6" set theDocument to current document set myVar to do javascript "function getLayerSizeToCopy(){ var layer = activeDocument.activeLayer; //Grab the currently selected layer var height = layer.bounds[3]-layer.bounds[1]; //Grab the height var width = layer.bounds[2]-layer.bounds[0]; //Grab the width height = height.toString().replace(' px', ''); width = width.toString().replace(' px', ''); try { var s=app.activeDocument.selection.bounds s[0] = s[0].toString().replace(' px', ''); s[1] = s[1].toString().replace(' px', ''); s[2] = s[2].toString().replace(' px', ''); s[3] = s[3].toString().replace(' px', ''); var sleft = Math.round(s[0] / (width / 1000)) var stop = Math.round(s[1] / (height / 1000)) var swidth = Math.round((s[2] - s[0]) / (width / 1000)) var sheight = Math.round((s[3] - s[1]) / (height / 1000)) var result = 'Selection "'+sleft+' '+stop+' '+swidth+' '+sheight+'"'; return result //alert('left = '+sleft+'; top = '+stop+'; width = '+swidth+'; height = '+sheight) } catch(e) { alert('No selection') }}getLayerSizeToCopy();" tell theDocument close saving no end tell set outputFile to ((sourcefolder as text) & "camsettings.txt") as alias try set fileReference to open for access file outputFile with write permission write myVar to fileReference close access fileReference on error try close access file outputFile end try end try end tell end tell
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