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  1. I've been working on this for ages, but in the time since I posted this I actually finally figured it out! using .filter and .find! I am so excited, I've never done any scripting before and this is my first. I change the second to last function to: $('#year').on('click', function(){ var _value3 = $(this).val(); var finalmodel = $('#model').val(); var finalfilter = $xml.find('ROWSET ROW:contains("'+finalmodel+'")'); var _front1 = finalfilter.filter('ROWSET ROW:contains("'+_value3+'")'); console.log(_front1); $.each(_front1, function(index, element){ var _front = $('#frontspeakers
  2. I've been making tons of progress on my vehicle fit guide. I've made a drop down box dynamically populate based on previous selections, and now I need those selections to search the xml file and return my results. My old code only searched by the vehicle year, and that returned all vehicles with the same year. I'm trying to parse my XML using multiple variables, and now can't get any results to return. how am I able to search for models, then search for years within the model? here are my code snippets below, which currently only search the whole XML file for similar years: <!DOCTYPE html&
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