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  1. Actually it's a local server, so its not possible. Is any sample of some code can help you? As you said real_illusions, I think that is the issue but I can't figure out why I get this issue...
  2. Hello and Happy New Year !! I am trying to develop an easy Webservice (an addition). I developped the WSDL, then the Webservice from WSDL and finally the Webservice client. To print the result of the addition I tried to use the JSP page and to use a servlet but Ive got in both cases this error:com.sun.xml.ws.ClientTransportException: HTTP Status-Code 404: Not Found - Not FoundIm trying to figure out what is this issue but I don't what I can do. I know, using the Debug Mode, that this issue appears when I call the java function (Port.add) but I dont know where is exactly the issue.Can you help me? Which sample of my code do you need? Thanks!Farid.
  3. Farid

    WSDL & XSD

    Thanks boen_robot!Ok, sorry, I just needed more time to understand well! I've done some exercises and now, it's clear!Actually, I did the "code-first" and it's not what I have to do. I mean, to get a better interoperability, I have to start with the WSDl & XSD files. By the way, as I didn't do a WS from my JAVA code, I don't know what is the file in JAVA (I think it's called the endpoint URL) I have to put in: <soap:address location="[...]"/> . Do you (or someone else)?Is it the index.jsp file?
  4. Farid

    WSDL & XSD

    Hello everybody! I'm actually trying to develop a Webservices using WSDL and XSD files. But I don't really know about this. I rode some tutorials (w3cschools one included, and a pretty good one) but I have still some questions. I hope someone could help me.So, actually I started to do the JAVA code but I need to respect some laws and so I cannot generate the files from Eclipse. So, here are my questions:- what is the Vector type in a XSD file?- with <xsd:sequence minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"> can we do a list of any type? I mean does it correspond to String[] in JAVA for example?- do every attributes put in the XSD files have to be entered by the client or I can put some others used in the functions (so in the JAVA code) but dont entered by the client?- is there someone who can explain me how the actor attribute of the header in SOAP works?- does anybody have an example of WSDL code and the JAVA code associated?Thanks in advance.
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