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  1. Hi All,I'm a bit confused as to how it all works - - sometimes I set the local localStorage like:localStorage.setItem("First", "Bob");localStorage.setItem("Last", "Smith");then read on another page like:<span id="First"></span> <span id="Last"></span><script>document.getElementById('First').innerHTML = localStorage.getItem("First");document.getElementById('Last').innerHTML = localStorage.getItem("Last");</script>sometimes it shows fine and sometimes on other pages some fields are blankand other page may show error like:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of nullQ: What am I doing wrong - why was there sometimes errors?- if I use = document.getElementById('Last') - but fail to have the correct span id="xxxx" - does that cause the errors?- What is the criteria for getting this to always have fields show up?
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