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  1. First I have no idea what the ###### you are saying because you do not know how to type. Its ######ing WordPress in the additional code area. That is the code that is in there. How do I adjust the space above the links?
  2. Hello Forum, Okay so this is probably the easiest question to answer but I am new to coding and CSS/HTML so I hope someone can answer this. Created a Navigation Menu on my website and added code to center the Links to the center of the page which works fine but as you can see the picture I attached, the links are sitting below the blue menu bar. It looks like there is a line height issue or something. I went through a bunch of the demos on this site and couldn't get it right. This is the code I am using to get it centered: <style type="text/css"> #primary-menu-container ul{text-align:center;} #primary-menu-container ul li { float: none; display: inline-block; } h1#site-logo{ display:none; } #primary-menu-container { float: none; clear: both; margin: auto; width: 75%; } </style> Thanks to who ever responds and its much appreciated. Website if you want to see the whole thing is: www.ChrisReedTattoo.com
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