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  1. Hi everyone.I would like to create a discount (a sale if you prefer) that will be of the style 10$ 5$. Here is a page that I would like this effect to be applied : http://www.georld.com/store/category/minerals-for-saleAny ideas how I can do that ?Thank you in advance!
  2. This sounds like a good idea. Could you point me to some links ,or could you show me what css exactly I need to add ?
  3. Thank you for your answers. Since my thumbnail is not so small, it actually is 200/253 pixels and the large image is 300/353.I have added the following code: <script> function bigImg(x) { x.src=x.src.replace('_thumb',''); x.style.height = "300px"; x.style.width = "353px"; } function normalImg(x) { x.src=x.src.replace('.','_thumb.'); x.style.height = "153px"; x.style.width = "200px"; } </script>The result was still that the zoomed image was the thumbnail enlarged which leads to poor quality. You can see it here: http://www.georld.com/store/category/minerals-for-saleRegarding J
  4. I am using JS now and it worked for me so I will leave it as it is. How can I do it ,so that when you hover you won't get a bad quality image? Also on my previous post I ask for mouseover zoom (like ebay or amazon),how can I do that? Is it possible?
  5. Yes indeed my bad. I don't know why I sticked to JS. Anyway I know know a few things more (JS) than before so I guess it is good.Another question.Have you ever seen on ebay or on amazon product listings that once you hover over the image you get a zoom of that picture?
  6. As an amateur my self,I just followed instructions by Ingolme. I couldn't figure out by myself how I could do that. He said JS so I just tried that way.Anyway just for me to know,what type of code is the one you posted?Also I have a small issue with the hovering. The poppup image is low resolution. Is there a way to go around this? Since the only point of the whole hover element is to give a better look on the item without you having to click on it. What I get is low quality potato enlarged photo
  7. Ok I've found how to change it without having to go through a few days of Javascript learning.All I had to do was change those lines: echo '<img class="hikashop_product_listing_image" title="'.$this->escape(@$this->row->file_description).'" alt="'.$this->escape(@$this->row->file_name).'" src="'.$img->url.'"/>'; to echo '<img class="hikashop_product_listing_image" onmouseover="bigImg(this)" onmouseout="normalImg(this)" title="'.$this->escape(@$this->row->file_description).'" alt="'.$this->escape(@$this->row->file_name).'" src="'.$img-
  8. I believe I've found what I need to edit.I've found a php file,although in the tutorial I am supposed to edit a HTML file right? Here is what I found: <?php /** * @package HikaShop for Joomla! * @version 2.3.2 * @author hikashop.com * @copyright © 2010-2014 HIKARI SOFTWARE. All rights reserved. * @license GNU/GPLv3 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html */ defined('_JEXEC') or die('Restricted access'); ?><?php $link = $this->getLink($this->row);?> <?php if($this->config->get('thumbnail',1)){ ?> <div style="height:<?php echo $this->image->mai
  9. Is this what I need to add ?http://www.w3schools.com/jsref/tryit.asp?filename=tryjsref_onmouseoverI think thats the property I am looking for!Could you please specify to me where should I add those lines?
  10. Thank you for your answer.I did take a brief course in Javascript,and I admit I had no idea what it was. Now I do have some idea,but I think its a month's course to learn all the stuff you need to know about it.Anyway,I did took a look at the Javascript events tab,in the tutorial you sent me. Where do I need to add the code? Also I want it to apply in just the products,not in articles. I must admit I am more used to css,so do you think it will be easier by css? Will it have the same result?
  11. Hello.I recently found a nice feature on a commercial website,that once you hover over an item,the image enlarges slightly,without you having to actually click on the product,which is time saving and nice in my opinion.On my website,hovering over products has no result,unless you click on it.You can see the effect im talking about here : http://www.newsnow.co.uk/classifieds/pets-animals/quail.htmlIf you hover over any Animal picture you can see what I mean. How can I apply this on my website?Ps. Girlfriend wants a quail
  12. That did the trick! Thank you very much!
  13. PROBLEM SOLVED :D !Check the website it is perfect now (lol far from perfect)! Thank you so much for your time on this ! Basically all I had to do was to go,to the module called ''main menu'' through the module manager,and in the box ''Module class suffix'' I've added the simple word ''span10'' . It did the trick I have another question now. When using the search,the results I get are slightly irrelevalnt. For example the website has the meta tag ''pearl'' in it,as long as many other words. If a user searches ''pearl'' I don't want him to see all the pages that have the ''pearl'' meta tag,
  14. I did find the element: fav-nav,and once change the value to span 8 (which is smaller) the whole nav bar got smaller,but the search box stayed where it currently is (under the home button).The element: <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="moduletable"> Does not exist in the index.php file,so I cannot edit it.
  15. Sorry there are no html files in my website. They are either php,or css. I am literally lost when trying to find files. Where do I start from ? This is why I am here because I don't know.
  16. Works perfect using firebug.However I cannot locate those lines in the template.css file. Here is my template css file:
  17. Ok, I have found the template.css file. Could you please tell me what css I should add in it ?
  18. Thank you both for your answers.-Niche: the article you provided me shows how to insert CSS (if Im correct) not how to locate it. I've read it through and now I have some rough idea how to insert it,but I still dont understand how to find it ?-dsonesuk: I looked in the template.css file for the div: div.search. It doesnt exist (or my Notepad++ is buggered).Also,I do not know which value to put,so that the element will go to the right. I tried float: right; although all it does it slightly move the search box up.Also on the second attachment,you can see the supposedly source of the css file. It
  19. Hello everyone!I am relatively new to the whole idea of web developing,and I am currently learning most of the things.I've created a website using joomla,but I constantly have this problem,which I cannot find how to solve.Basically joomla has its administrator control panel where you can edit some things,but if you want to edit more than the basic you have to locate,and edit css or html (correct me if Im wrong). And this is where my problem starts. Although I can sometimes edit something using firebug tool of the browser,I cannot find the css file (through FTP) to edit and make my changes perm
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