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    PHP Website?

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help me understand a website that I have stumbled across. I am fairly new to the world of web design and trying to make a site to display a personal portfolio. I love the layout of these pages: http://www.sophiehardydesign.com/ram . I'd love to know how it was made to see if it is within my ability to create a modified version of the same layout. I appreciate the help!
  2. Hi, You wrote a similar message on another question I posted. Thank you for the link - that is helpful, however, I believe the code that I am receiving errors for, I cannot fix - it is part of the wordpress site?
  3. Hi! I modified the wordpress slideshow to make it much nicer looking and added text below, however, I am having a horrible time with the responsive aspect of it...the location of the control buttons (to move the show forward and backwards), as well as the simple text block below the slides move an enormous amount depending on the screen size! Is there anything I can do to make the location of these elements dependent on each other so that they re-locate accordingly? Otherwise, no one is going to be able to view the slides! The page I am talking about can be found here: http://annascherman.com/made-in-birmingham/
  4. I actually think I understand the issue now, however I am not sure how to solve it! Any where that I have a <div> to separate my list into different columns, there is a margin that is being created in addition to the one that I've set up under the <my-ul> tag. Anyone have any ideas how I can modify this so that all margins around the photos appear equal?
  5. Notice the spacing? The first column is not responding to the CSS that the other columns are and I can't understand why not
  6. I take it back!!! I don't know what I did, but somehow I have about 75% of it fixed...it seems like something is off with the first column only? Any ideas whats still wrong?
  7. Hi dsonesuk, Thanks for the advice...I see what you mean, but in making those changes, I've lost my margins (take a look at what happened @ annascherman.com) PLUS the opacity is till not right...It's almost like a dark tint on top rather than an opacity...
  8. Hi, The website I am currently working on is this: annascherman.com I have set up the image gallery to be an un-ordered list so that I could achieve the irregular grid. I would love for the images to have a slight dark tint on top of them which goes away when you hover over an image (see example here: http://www.wallpaper.com/design/wallpaper-power-200) but for some reason, whenever I add a hover pseudo-element, I get a black background behind the image (I know this because it is also appearing to the right of the image, which I assume has to do with how I set things up as an un-ordered list - it is reading this space as part of the background). What am I doing wrong?!
  9. Hi all, I have added a lot of CSS coding to a standard wordpress responsive theme, but I am now concerned that my site is appearing differently on different screens. For example, the slide show on this page: http://annascherman.com/made-in-birmingham/ was perfect on one screen, but so off on another that the buttons to move forward/backward were completely hidden from view. In addition, when I load the site on my phone, it appears that none of the CSS coding is taking effect! My front page (here: http://annascherman.com/) is no longer gridded properly and my slideshow reverts back to having a chunky, black frame around the images. I have added this code: `@media screen and (max-width: 767px) { .main-navigation { padding-left: 0; width: 150px; } }` in my CSS to no avail. Any genius ideas out there to solve these issues?
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