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  1. Yeah, it's tough- seems like there aren't many customers for this product yet. They aren't even completely done translating it from German. The EFI Digital Storefront forum has maybe three active users with Directsmile, and the DirectSmile forum similarly has a very small EFI DSF presence and most posts are bug reports. I'll try crossposting though! Maybe I'll luck out.
  2. Directsmile exports the product as a .zip file. In the .zip are the Directsmile file, the InDesign file, and a few others. I can check what exactly those other files are on Monday, but I'm fairly certain none of them are web pages or javascript files or anything. The .zip is uploaded to the Digital Storefront when I create a new variable data product. On the product page I can choose to add additional restrictions to the data fields (regex, how many lines, drop down menu instead of text field, etc). Then I can publish the product to the Storefront. Here's an example storefront EFI made
  3. Hello all, Context: I work at a small print shop; I'm in charge of my company's online storefronts where customers can order printed goods. We use EFI Digital StoreFront and just got a new extension/program/plugin called Directsmile that lets us offer products with variable data and mailing lists. The program works with InDesign; I build the art file in InDesign and Directsmile links to InDesign to add variable data fields to InDesign's text fields and image frames. When multiple data fields are used together, their rules need to be defined so if one field is not used, the others will
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