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    web design, Graphic Design, drawing, learning how to play the bass guitar, watching movies, listen to music, reading books, Art, having fun :) vampires
  1. Yes is an oracle database. Unfortunately not mine, so I’m not able to change the datatype. I will take a look at the articles thanks
  2. Yes, pretty sure. Here is the data from the database. The first query shows only a few characters, then i set long to 2000 and then you see all data. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hq899w71tzsg8bn/data.PNG Second is what asp is showing me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ope3aehesg2roju/asp.PNG Maybe my query is wrong? set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")rs1.Open "select tc.id_number, tc.x_cust_ref_num, tc.title as tct, tg.title as tcg, login_name, case_history from table_case tc, table_site ts, table_gbst_elm tg, table_user tu where (ts.objid = tc.case_reporter2site)
  3. Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it gives the same result I just replaced rs1.fields("case_history") with rs1.fields.item("case_history").value, but stil the first 70 characters are shown. I have the same problem if i go to sqlpus with cmd. In that case I use Set Long 2000. Isn't there some kind solution in asp?
  4. Hello, I use asp to retrieve data from a sql database. One of the fields to display has the data type LONG. But for some reason only the first 70 karakters are shown. if ticket <> "" then set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset") rs1.Open "select case_history ........etc , conn,1,1 if rs1.RecordCount > 0 then do until rs1.EOF Response.write(rs1.fields("case_history")) rs1.MoveNext loop else response.write("No data Found") end if rs1.closeend if Is there a possibilty so that the full text from the field case_history is s
  5. i found something with attachmovie, but can't get it to work;
  6. Hello everybody.i am new with flash so i'am a newbiei want to know how i can create a dynamically menu.I will try to explain it clearly as possible.we have this xml file which contains Gig names en dates and description etc.What we want is to load the xml in flash (this is already working)but now the problem.For every gig node i want to create a new button/link that when i press it it goes to another frame (to display more information)is this possible??i already programmed it in such a way that it displays alle the gigs from the XML file, but I have to make possible to make them clickable.do y
  7. Hi everybody,i'am a beginner with flash, but so far so good i created an email sent form.The only problem i have is with the variables.They are shown with a bunch of html tags, and that's not what i had in mind.In flash i disabled the the option RENDER TEXT AS HTML but no succes.what am i missing.In the email sent i just want plain text without the html tagsthanx in advanceleandra
  8. Hii have an form mad ein asp, when i submit the form it writes it to a mysql database.The database only understands the date format YYYY-MM-DD.Is there is simple way to change the date format into above mentioned format,cause now i am only getting DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY.thnx in advanceakasha
  9. Hello i have a trigger see code My new value has a date and my old value is empty, but for some reason he doesn't create the record in Test_ls.As soon as the old date is filled and the new one also its working fine.The problem only occurs when the old value is emptyi also tried the following if statement Does anybody has an idea??
  10. Found out that you can't use Arguments for custom action. But that you have to use Properties, but i am not sure how this works. Does anyone know??Btw my parameters(arguments) are variable and different every time, don't know if that is a problem?
  11. Hello i am new with vbscriptFirst let me tell you what i am trying to do.I want to pass arguments into my script and use these to update a record in a database.When i run my script i get the following error Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Object required: 'Wscript'.below is my script (still a test not the final) dim command_line_argsset command_line_args = Wscript.ArgumentsstrCon = "Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle}; " & _ "CONNECTSTRING=(DESCRIPTION=" & _ "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)" & _ "(HOST=host)(PORT=12))" & _ "(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=service_name
  12. Thnx i checked the query and changed OR into AND and now its working fine .
  13. Hello,i'am having a problem with my sql query. I use ASP to read my table.When I use the order by my where part doesn't work anymore.Why is did happining?? rs2.Open "SELECT * FROM Table1 where mesnum >= "& beginmes &" or mesnum <= " & endmes & " order by mesnum desc", conn,1,1 mesnum is my Key Element.When i remove the order by part its working fine, but the data is in the wrond order ( it must be asc in stead of desc)thats why i am using the order by part.
  14. Cool thnxonly problem now is.it doesn't disappear anymore
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