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  1. I know what your saying, I had it like that to try and position it in that location - it worked, untill the weird thing happened when the div won't move. It's been a while since I have used HTML and CSS, so not all properties are fresh in my mind. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far.
  2. Eventually, I will be using the z-index to put the slideshow div at the back. I had used this before on the same div, but I am not using it untill I can get the position: fixed working (Unless I need to use the z-index to get it to work).
  3. The slideshow div is not a child of anything, except the body tag.
  4. I know there are a lot of topics out there about the CSS position: fixed not working, but those solutions do not work for me. Here is the CSS code: #slideshow{ height: 200px; width: 1308px; background-color: #dbdbdb; top: 800px; left: -100px; border-style: solid; border-color: #b0adb0; border-width: 03px; position: fixed; } In the screenshot (slideshowDIVhidden), the div is supposed to show up between the very top box and the two bottom boxes, while still being still relative to the viewport. When it is hidden, this is because the position: fixed; code is on. The slideshowDIVshown is what it is meant to look like (doesn't use position: fixed;) but is not relative to the viewport, and for some reason, I cannot move it. The slideshow DIV is not a "child" DIV. Any ideas how to fix the position: fixed, and why the div won't move?
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