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  1. First of all, thanks so much for your feedback! I understand much better what is going on now. I have applied the javascript/css/html code on a test page and I got the javascript solution working but I abandoned this strategy after discussing with the team. The reason for that is that we are not using body onload in any of the customer pages. We do use javascript, but it is included in js files and not loaded through the body, but actioned in forms only. Also, there are a couple of things I ran into with this solution:a. how do I calculate and process the amount of divs into a javascript funct
  2. I am a consultant in a content management team working for a global financial player. We face a serious CSS issue with the main horizontal navigation bar.The site is developed in DIV layout, styles all maintained in one CSS file. The issue can be described as the following:The navigation elements are produced by Interwoven TeamSite content management system. This means that there is an n amount of navigation items in the horizontal navigation bar with a maximum of 7 items (in below code there are 4 items). Because of the dynamic nature of the content, all positions must be relative. We preferr
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