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  1. Yes. We've gone so far. Happy New Year!
  2. Your point makes sense. WordPress has some bad sides (i.e. date on post appeared on meta description, Google bots report error with WordPress "Page" type in Structured Data section in Google Search Control tool.) I do "code" to make my site looks more appealing for my customers. Let's don't argue with that. OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO are both important. But for me, I think it's better to spend time on writing articles that unique, special and interesting for people to be on top, rather than spending time (and money maybe) to learn coding. Diversification is good, I admit. But how can we manage the both sightly different aspects (SEO and coding) AND doing our business at the same time to be the great? This is my last post on this topic. No matter what you think, I believe you have your own reason to do so. But WordPress provides a great tool for anyone who wants to disseminate their business brand on the Internet, someone who has zero knowledge of coding just like me. And I appreciate what WordPress team has done.
  3. You're so funny. So what you really want is that if someone wanna do "business" must spend time to learn the coding techniques? Why should we waste our time for that? All we care about is to let our prospective customers to know our brands or services. And the only thing that we need to focus on is SEO! I love fishing. But I don't think learning how to make fishing rods will benefit me to do that.
  4. You can think of WordPress is an example of CMS. P/S: I don't really know any CMS other than WordPress.
  5. Sometimes, even you have specified in the robot.txt to tell Google Bot not to crawl to a specific folder but I don't know why it just crawl it. The result is that I can see that folder info in my Google Webmaster Tools. Just don't know if my folder is published or not.
  6. I think creating forum is not so difficult with WordPress. You must spend time on studying how to set up a WordPress website and download the forum plugin named bbPress. WordPress: https://wordpress.org/ bbPress plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/bbpress/
  7. This WebSite looks fine, the overall appearance is a little like facebook before. I created my website by using WordPress. So I'm not really good at making valuable comments. But I can say I can have an account on this website.
  8. This Website looks good. You made it yourself?
  9. Then don't do it. Maybe they have their reasons not to pay attention. You will save a lot of time. No one wanna waste their time for nothing.
  10. That's good for the community. You should contact directly to the admin of this page or the support page. Someone should response.
  11. Download here means changing everything he has been working on. That's not a good solution.
  12. I strongly think he just means registering a web hosting service.
  13. You can go to these sites to choose your domain and buy it: godaddy.com, bluehost.com, name.com... For registering a server, you have to be more specific about where is your country? who will visit to your website? is it local or international? what are your purposes to create that website? what will you do on that website (just posting article, about a service, a forum)?
  14. You need to be more specific. This is not just and Question & Answer thing. I suggest you to learn more about this stuff. If you have any problem during working on that, it'll be more appropriate for us to help.
  15. Hello everyone, I have just created my website few months ago and encountered a lot of problems with coding and designning. That's why I'm here. Just to learn more about coding, for "serving" my web purpose. It's great to be a part of this community. Thank you.
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