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    I don't believe any object would be able to sustain traveling at the speed of light. See when two cars traveling at say, 50km per hour crash into one and another the force of the impact is 100km per hour on both cars. Or if just one car at a 100km per hour crashes into say a tree, the force of impact on the tree and the car is 100km per hour. So, if you apply this to traveling at the speed of light, any object that the object traveling at the speed of light came into contact with – even a very small object such as pebble – would have very damaging effects. A Kleenex box traveling at 40km per h
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  3. Yeah I'm in Canada as wel...
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    Need help

    Buy books and read them. That's what I do.
  5. Wow, that's a damn good deal.
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    You're right Skemcin I'll have to try that. However, he did say that just make an image the size of the screen resolution and then turn it into an image map.
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    I have to bump this topic.This is what my multimedia teacher was supporting for web design before the image maps:Website
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    I want to strangle my Multimedia teacher (not literally). He is showing the class Dreamweaver and how to make Image maps with it. So he made a quick image map cheaply with drag and drop methods. After when everyone was amazed, he said: "With this nifty trick you can make one big image for your website and just put a bunch image maps on it, rather then having a bunch of small images that have to load on to the screen. Then I thought, what would be the point of one big image that is virtualy the same file size as all the separate images?
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    Two CSS styles

    Wow, I never knew that. Thanks I'm going to see what I can do about this now.
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    Two CSS styles

    I'm doing an update to my website with the CS ebcause it became to much to keep track of in one huge CSS file. I decided to move the css from this one file into seperate files to have better orginization.Is it possible to have two css styles in one page like so: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"href="CSS\general.css" /><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"href="CSS\index.css" /> I'm asking because when I load the page, all the css from the index.css works. However, the background style doesn't work from the general.css doesn't work while everything else does. Now I did copy
  11. I have a serious problem that is bugging the ###### out of me. What I am try to do isuse CSS to move where the text is on the screen. Here is the JavaScript File: var type = 1switch (type){ case 1: document.getElementById("test") document.write(test") break case 2: document.getElementById("test") document.write("Test") break defualt none} Here is the code in the page file: <p class="display" id="test"></p> Here is the CSS file: p.display{ position:absolute; top:835px; left:45px; z-index: 1} What I want to happen is the text in the JavaScript file to move to its
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    How does this website appear in your browser ?Peepers
  13. Well I have tested it on multiple computers and the computer I created it on the website is neat looking, but when I try it on a different computer with a different resolution things seem to be out of place.
  14. The position:relative?
  15. How do I deal with my website appearing differently on different screen resolutions ?
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