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    I am a graphic designer at a reputed firm and like to design attractive templates.

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  1. Hi WesleyA. There are many websites which are dedicated for PHP coding. For example Tutorialspoint.com , codeacademy.com, and specially w3schools. You can get any possible information about PHP here. Good Luck.
  2. Hi Kevin. Angular JS is a complete tool set for building the framework most suited for your web application development. It lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulitng environment is readable, modifiable and testable. Good Luck.
  3. I agree dsonesuk. I was just mentioning that most developers don't use marquee tag nowadays.
  4. <marquee> tag has become completely obsolete now. It used to be an attractive feature of website in earlier era of internet , but not now.
  5. Actually video tag only work in HTML5 format , so to make sure this video work well you should use .xhtml as extension. Good Luck.
  6. Hi uginti, You have asked a pretty good and valid question. I too want to use bootstrap in my ongoing project and it will be great if I could use bootstrap without making any bigger changes. Thank You.
  7. A section tag simple used for notifying different sections in a document like header , footer, chapters and paragraphs etc. It does not make any changes in your design, but just increases the understandability of HTML code. ex. <section> <h1>Charles Dickens</h1> <p> Charles Dickens is the most well known child author ever.</p> </section>
  8. You can easily use Google Powered input tools(for fonts), it supports many languages. It can be installed and used offline or online both, just write your content and COPY PASTE it. it is quite simple.
  9. Hi friends this is abigail, I have been using website w3schools for past some time to learn HTML/CSS, and here I think I will be able to share my confusions and get some answers about web designing
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