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  1. So I work for a radio station and am trying to stream the station using icecast. I have 4 links to connect to the stream all different formats. Those being.mp3hi.m3u .mp3lo.m3u.aac.m3u.ogg,m3u I have been able to get the stream to work using windows media player in IE and Chrome. How can I give the listener to best link of the four formats and have it work for all major browsers?
  2. Follow my instructions, in order to make it cross browser compatible. MP4 is not supported in firefox.
  3. I understand you tried the code but the sources of each video format needs to be there for them all to work otherwise it is the same thing you are doing now. So unless you converted the video to all three types I assume it is not working.
  4. This will take server side scripting. However you don't need to code them yourself there are numerous free php scripts here.http://www.thefreecountry.com/php/site-search-engine-scripts.shtml
  5. I think the issue is the browser. You will need to re-encode your video in WebM or OGV formats as well as your existing mp4. ex. <video id="video" controls='controls'> <source src="videos/clip.mp4" type="video/mp4"/> <source src="videos/clip.webm" type="video/webm"/> <source src="videos/clip.ogv" type="video/ogg"/> Your browser doesn't seem to support the video tag.</video>
  6. OTTO


    Try this. In your head: <link href='URL of your fonts location' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'> In CSS: h1 { font-family: 'myfont', arial, serif; }
  7. It is possible but it will take a little more work than the text box. You will have to do this through Javascript.
  8. Here try this. <video id="testMovie" width="800" height="600" controls preload autoplay><source src="spacetest.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>
  9. Like I said I think the issue lies with the permissions of the test file. From what I have read I need to change the permission to 666. However I am using windows and am just making the website locally and am not currently hosting it so I don't have an FTP. How do I give it the 666 permissions?
  10. That doesn't appear to be working for me either. I open the 'post.txt' and it is blank, and nothing is printed onto the screen.
  11. Hey I am having trouble getting this code to work. The problem I think lies within the permissions of my txt file but I could be wrong. I am trying to write what ever data is input into the form into the text file and down below in the php. Thanks for the help! <body><form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action=""><label>Please type in a message<input type="text" name="msg" id="msg" /></label><label>and your name<input type="text" name="name" id="name" /></label><p><label>Submit<input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit" /></label></p></form><?php $msg = $_POST["msg"]; $name = $_POST["name"]; $posts = file_get_contents("posts.txt"); $posts = "$msg - $name\n" . $posts; file_put_contents("posts.txt", $posts); echo $posts;?></body>
  12. Hey everyone, So I am trying to develop a calendar that can be edited by anyone. I know this can be done with PHP, however I am very limited in the fact the website I am working on is modified through a GUI. I do not have access to the back end. I can however use HTML and upload some files. So I am curious if I design a Calendar using HTML would there be a way for me to update it with information users input via a form? Thanks in advance.
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