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  1. OTTO

    more help

    i will host my own servers but i want to know some things from people who do this like what kind of stuff i will need to run a server ect.....
  2. OTTO

    more help

    ok i want to start my own bissiness i want to offer web desing and website hosting.how would i go about doing this what are the things i need to host websites and offer memberships and stuff?
  3. OTTO

    Need some help

    no no no im still trying to install cold fusion that si the error i got.
  4. OTTO

    Need some help

    when i try to install cold fusion it dosent work and this is the error in the req_advsecmig file.
  5. yea i play a little baseball.
  6. first off dreamweaver is web development tool.but anyways back to topic i had ur same problem a wile back but now i use fireworks and that is what i would recomend but if u would like to go the freeway i have herd that the gimp is good.
  7. OTTO

    Need some help

    Sup all first off id like to introduce myself my names jack otto im from washington im new to the board ive been useing w3schools for a long time and it where i learned everything i know you guys have the best tutorials ever.anyway i was wondering if anyone can suggest a personal server that i can run with coldfusion?
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