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  1. One query on XML. Can you or any of your friends can assist me ? When I am trying to save the output of the xml report in .pdf, it puts some default value for file name. Eg., if I am automatically generating the output using a program (eg: AR Invoices), the pdf is generated and send to the respective customer as a .pdf attachment. But the file name is taken as the short name which is defined in the concurrent program (eg: XXOUTSTNINVXML.pdf) Concurrent Program Name : STN - Invoice Print XML Short Name : XXOUTSTNINVXML If I want to make the file name as dynamic- “8149349/20SEP10/6”, which is the value in <TRX_NUMBER>8149349/20SEP10/6</TRX_NUMBER>, at run time so that the file name for this output is 8149349/20SEP10/6.pdf, how to go about with this. I do not want to use a shell script, but is there any way I can use a command in the .rtf to read the field and while saving the first trx_number in the xml be the file name ? Can any gurus help me please ?
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