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  1. Seriously, you should give thought to learning a server-side language. Don't be intimidated by it. It might seem a bit uncomfortable at first but once concept starts to fall in place the rest is history. Don't expect to understand everything overnight because it probably won't happen. Don't be afraid to ask questions--the dumbest question is the one that isn't asked and besides, that's what places like this are for. If it weren't for forums I'd be lost. PHP would probably be the easiest for openers and believe me, alot can/has been done with php.
  2. It depends on what you're processing it with, but you can put a limit as to how much text (how many characters) a person can enter. Inside a table it will always start a new row when you reach the end of one. In a table your text is usually vertically aligned to the center by default so you need to set everything to align to the top of the cells to keep things looking neat. CSS is the way to go for that one. Another thing you might want to remember when using tables is that search engines don't like to search them which is why everybody uses CSS layouts.
  3. Go with a simple <input type="radio"value="xxx" checked> That's what I do if I want a default pre-checked. Just a simple word-without quotes.
  4. Another thing you could do is use a table sized to your needs and then with css you could even use alternating colors for each row. Another option is to simply build your menu using <div> tags. It all depends on what your looking for. I spotted a neat one using j-query that is super simple to set up at http://papermashup.com/demos/jquery-tabs/ .
  5. Hi, I'm Dave. I like working with perl and just starting with php/mysql. I've used mysql with perl and not much difference(tricky no matter how you look at it, lol). I use css with everything and since the only way I know how to use javascript other than copy and paste and modify settings so I usually go with server side validations with css effects. My thing is Christianity. I love the Word and our web site(though a couple years needing an update) is www.praisenpray.com Have a great Christmas everybody.
  6. Hi, I'm typomaniac---the fact that people make mistakes is how I got the name. I worked hard for that name.
  7. Thank you sir, that worked like a charm. It took a little bit of finangling the statement to get it to do the proper results but then it hit. Tested with other $var numbers to verify and all check-go. I went with: $var=111111111; $result223 = mysql_query ("SELECT branches.branch_name, branches.bid as branchid,branch.bid as braid ,branch.cid FROM branches LEFT JOIN branch ON branches.bid=branch.bid and cid=$var order by branches.bid") or die(mysql_error()); echo"<br><br><table border='2px'>"; while($row223 = mysql_fetch_array( $result223 )) { $x223=$row223['branch_name']; $x
  8. I have 2 tables, one named branch, and one named branches, each with two columns. Structure is: | branch | branches | |======================|==================================| | cid int(9) | bid tinyint(2) | bid tinyint(2) | branch_name varchar(25) | |-----------------+-----------------+-----------------+-----------------------------------| | 111111111 | 3 | 1 | U.S. Army | |--------
  9. css is a way you could do this, in your css sheet add something like .ghost{display:none;} and then in your html just add: <span class="ghost"><li class="leaf active-trail active"><a href="/?q=node/72" class="active-trail active">Plan an Event</a></li></span> Just make sure your span tag calls the class and don't forget to close the span</span> or everything will disappear.
  10. Is it possible for you to use php or perl to process your form? You could have immediate validation with javascript backed up with a server-side validation(more reliable and hack-proof plus you can "cleanse" the input before it hits the air).
  11. All you have to do to adjust cell size is manipulate the <td width="???"%>(replace ? with a number) Work your way across until you have reached 100%. Thing you will have to watch is if you get into another row with different cell sizes be sure to use <td wdth="00%"colspan="2"> , that is, however many columns it crosses borders, like, if you had <tr><td width="100%" colspan="3"></td></tr> <tr><td width="50%"></td><td width="20%"></td><td width="30%"></td></tr> If you're populating the cells from a da
  12. How do you respond to questions posted by others. I see it says I am not allowed to reply.

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