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  1. Hi,I am very new to XML Schema. I have initiated learning XML Schema few days back. I know XML Schema and its usages. But, I am not getting as "Who will throw error if value between element are entered wrong base on XML Schema"E.g.If user enter digits in <firstName> </firstName> element (where string is expected), then who will throw error. Either, IE or high level language (java) or...?reply wud be hearthly appreciated...Thank you...
  2. Your code is correct. Only you have to remove <sequence> tag to achieve your result. By removing <sequence> tag, you can structure those elements in any order within particular element.nJoy coding...Always!!!
  3. You can use <restriction> mark up to do the same.Here is the code...Assuming you know some basics of XML Schema. <xs:element name="example"> <xs:simpleType> <xs:restriction> <xs:maxLength value="0"/> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpleType></xs:element> element tag: use to define element name.simpleType tag: use to define element with no child element and no attributes.restriction tag: use to put some constraint on value of element.maxLength tag: they are like Methods which can handle value of the element.nJoy your work...Always!!!
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