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  1. @dsonesuk - Thank you very much for the response. I was afraid it would be problematic to do what I wanted. Is there anyway to make the sliders automatic. Meaning when you scroll over the specific class name it will automatically slide to the desired picture. Again, thanks for the response and any guidance you can provide.
  2. On my website the slider is not working as desired. The website is www.dancecityperformingarts.com When you click on the name of the dance class the slider moves, but does not move to the page that has the dance class description. It stays at the picture with the business description. When you click on the "details" portion, it takes you to the page that has the correct class description, but the slider does not move to the correct picture. Can anyone tell me if this can be corrected, and if yes, how to correct. I am very new to coding, and I apologize if this is phrased incorrectly or if additional information is needed. ATTN: Moderators, this is my first post. I did read the guidelines and hope I complied. Please advise if I screwed anything up. Thanks for any assistance with my coding problem.
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