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  1. i tried this already, it's not working..
  2. Dear all, i am getting the following issue with my tables, as they resize according to text size, how can make it all same size and auto break text to second line to make it more readable and consistent ( the following image is the test i was running ) i tried to change the css and do style for table however it didn't work.. here my css and here the code for the tables in the image
  3. i did the following, added a primary key for OrderHistoryID and change the insert into, $sql ="INSERT INTO `cib4003_h00233671_at`.`orderhistory`(`OrderHistoryID`,`order_id`, `Product_ID`, `Product_Name`, `client_ID`, `quantity`) VALUES (NULL, '".$_GET['HID']."', '".$_GET['Product_ID']."', '".$_GET['Product_Name']."', '".$_SESSION['client_ID']."', '".$_GET['qty']."');"; however, still the database empty after the insert
  4. Dear all, i have been working in my college project and i reached a point were i can't get my cart orders into Order history, as it's not working and keep giving me the following error page, Error : INSERT INTO `cib4003_h00233671_at`.`orderhistory`(`order_id`, `Product_ID`, `Product_Name`, `client_ID`, `quantity`) VALUES ('', '', '', '2', ''); Duplicate entry '0' for key 'PRIMARY' ^ i checked the databse and all values are 0 except the Client_ID... thats why i am getting Duplicate entry, however, i tried to fix the problem for the past few hours and i can't find the issue, here my cart page code and here my history php where i do the insert part
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