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  1. var file1 is declared inside javascript, if you try console.log(file1) it should work . when you call Response.Write("file1=" + file1) this is an ASP call which cannot access the variable File1 (which is a javascript variable) Good luck
  2. Can you post the entire code please. Or you can check this tutorial https://www.w3schools.com/xml/dom_intro.asp . Good luck
  3. I believe this is what you are trying to achieve https://www.w3schools.com/jquery/tryit.asp?filename=tryjquery_ajax_post sending and receiving Data.
  4. You can use Ajax to load data(images, text ....) from a separate file which contains php,asp, txt depending on what you are using once the data is ready to be displayed you can use w3 animation to make it look fancy . Here's the ajax tutorial Ajax.
  5. here's a JS library you can use to sign/verify signatures . JsRSAsign
  6. on the second screenshot the Enable/disable checkbox is not checked .you should also verify your api-login and transactionkey make sure they are both correct. i assume you already have a woocommerce account linked to your credit card / bank account .
  7. you can use this .box-1:hover{ background: #390142; } i am using :hover the CSS will take effect when hovering the class box-1 . and do the same for the other boxes . good luck
  8. john_jack

    Site Help Please

    Take a look at Media queries https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_mediaqueries.asp these are what you need to make your style reshape it self when on a small resolution , that can also fix your image size problem .(you gonna have to write your proper css that you want to be executed on each @Media query) for the font problem theres already an existing css file somewhere in the website which overrides your current css . using !important; in css to override the previous css .
  9. Share the info provided by the bank then maybe someone can help.
  10. here you can check out this tutorial ,might help you do what you ask .Tutorial
  11. <?php session_start(); //start the session for the page include("../include/db.php"); //include database file include("../include/settings.php"); //include configuration file //Check if page was entered by a submit button $email=$_POST['email']; //Get username !!FROM FORM!! $email = ereg_replace(" ", "", $email); //take away all spaces from username (if any) !!FROM FORM!! $password=base64_encode($_POST['password']); //Get name !!FROMFORM!! if (empty($email) || empty($password)) { echo "Empty fields";} else{ //check to see if the username or email allready excists $ck=$flash->prepare("SELECT * FROM `user` WHERE `email`=:email AND `password`=:password "); //get rows where the username or email address is allready registered $ck->bindParam(':email',$email); $ck->bindParam(':password',$password); $ck->execute(); //if email address allready excists if($ck->rowCount() > 0){ echo "user loged in successfully"; } else{ echo "Login or password inccorect";} } ?> use that phpand keep the alert(result); it should be clear now
  12. i believe you got gist of it, when using ajax calls, you do not use header :location instead you can echo a unique value depending on the case . and on the javascript side use if(result=="something"){do something} if(result=="somethingelse"){do somethingelse} Good luck
  13. replace that with this so you knowwhat you are doing : success: function(result) { alert(result); } and on the php side depending on what error pops up make a code : empty fields echo 0 login was succesfull echo 1 login or pass incorrect echo 2
  14. replace the "header('location:../indess.html');" with " echo '0';" all theredirections should be done on the Ajax/Js side
  15. replace that with lets say : success: function(result) { if(result=="1") { //here is where you do redirect to ../user.html using javascript check the paths window.location.assign("../user.html") } else { //error hadling show a message login or password incorrect depending on what or where you want to display them } } and replace this with : if($ck->rowCount() > 0){ echo "1"; } else{ echo "0";}
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