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    Exam Prices

    I did a web development minor at school and there were 6 classes that coverd html, css, dreamweaver, javascript, really basic flash, coldfusion, sql, php/mysql, web services, ajax, and using javascript libraries. The only drawback was that the program never went into OOP so all my code has been procedural. Has anyone done the o'reilly certificates? I keep getting emails about their courses/certificate programs. I wonder if they mean something in the real world. Here's the most recent link I got from them O'reilly Courses
  2. skaterdav85

    Exam Prices

    are there web developer certifications that mean something in the real world?
  3. what do you mean i would have to point visitors to use the https:// protocol? example?
  4. when you add an SSL certificate to your site, is there a lot of configuration? Is it simply you buy it, and all data transmission from server to client is encrypted?if you used some kind of one-way encryption for passwords on user accounts like SHA() in php, would you still need an SSL certificate?
  5. I did some research on SSL, but can someone explain to me simply what an SSL certificate does besides providing "security through the use of cryptography and properly authenticated digital certificates."? Are they only used when you have credit card transactions over the web, or is it also good to have them for user accounts on basic sites? If I bought an SSL certificate with my hosting plan, do I need to do any kind of configuration?
  6. skaterdav85

    Php Class

    then how come some properties or methods are written like:protected static $_variable;What does the static keyword do?
  7. skaterdav85

    Php Class

    oh ok. and if you dont use the word static, then you cant access that property or method directly? are there other keywords that can be used instead of static?
  8. skaterdav85

    Php Class

    Can anyone explain to me what the static keyword is used for? The book I got doesn't explain this very well.
  9. For those of you that have used Drupal, do you know whats the best way to customize your drupal site with php? I have enabled the PHP filter, but Im not sure if its best to write php directly in the textarea, or should I create separate files and include them? The php I am writing is common stuff that I'll be using over and over like the mysqli_connect function. I tried doing include, require, & require_once, and they all throw errors, so Im not sure which folder to put the files I am including, if I do it that way. Anyone know? Thanks!
  10. skaterdav85

    Asp Comparision

    Im not sure how asp is, but asp.net is pretty awesome. Asp.net, visual studio, and sql server have great capabilities that can shortcut alot of coding. However, I'd still stick with PHP, because its open source. All that microsoft stuff is too expensive, and then hosting asp.net sites is expensive as well!
  11. so i searched on another forum and someone said to check these:1. in php.ini, you have the line: extension=php_soap.dll2. in php.ini, you have: extension_dir = "<full path to the 'ext' directory>"3. in the ext directory, you have the file: php_soap.dllI cannot find the ext directory anywhere. Do you know where it might be?
  12. so what does this mean? Do i edit the php.ini file or do i do something else?
  13. check out Head First Ajax. It will explain it in more detail in an easy way.
  14. I need to have QuickTime installed on my computer or a special QuickTime plugin installed on every browser?
  15. thanks everyone, i'll just get rid of the bgcolor and use a class
  16. ya you're right. I am using a style sheet so I can easily just switch that. Its not a web development class. Its a project for a fictional company where we're delivering training materials via "the most up-to-date online methods". So the teacher will only see the end product. He wont care about how the site was made, and in 2 days, the site wont even matter haha. But I'm still curious, why did it come out yellow? I used all 6 letters for the hex value. Is this maybe due to IE deprecating the bccolor attribute?
  17. sorry for the double post. Internet was being slow and I clicked too much. Can an admin remove the duplicate?
  18. sorry. if an admin can delete, go ahead.
  19. So I created a website for a class project, and i have an online quiz in a table with alternating colors for each row. http://followthemusic.net/ISE544/quiz1.phpBecause this is a school project and the teacher wont care or notice the difference, i used bgcolor instead of css. (I know this is bad practice, but I was being lazy ) bgcolor = "#ffffff" and bgcolor = "#eeeeee" For some reason in IE, this yields yellow. Why?
  20. I am using this javascript lightbox library called shadowbox, and I am using it to create a lightbox around a QuickTime .mov file. THe lightbox works on all browsers but sometimes the video doesnt come up. Is there a QuickTime plugin for the browser? Or do i just need QuickTime installed on my computer?
  21. I'm a web developer looking for a good way to learn how to make web graphics. I have photoshop cs4 and I know some of the basics, but Im tired of my websites looking bad and only having functionality. Does anyone have any recommendations for books, sites, etc that can improve my photoshop and graphic design skills for the web? Anything is appreciated!
  22. What do you mean by installing the extension? how do I use the dl() function to enable the soap client? I cant find much documentation?
  23. I figured it out by looking at what the browser dispalyed and was able to parse it in a foreach loop. I like how viewing the source made it clearer to read though. Thanks! It rewarding when it finally works haha.
  24. I installed a wordpress plugin called Exec-PHP, which allows me to write my own php in the WP interface. However, I am using a SOAP web service and it works fine locally in a regular php file, but when i try it in the plugin, it returns this errror:Fatal error: Class 'SoapClient' not found in /usr/local/apache/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/exec-php/includes/runtime.php(42) : eval()'d code on line 6How do I enable the Soap Client? I did phpinfo(); and SOAP doesnt even show up. Any advice?
  25. The results of a print_r come back like this: stdClass Object ( [return] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [keyword] => networks [score] => 1 [source] => ieee ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [keyword] => distributed computing [score] => 1 [source] => ieee ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [keyword] => information [score] => 0.5 [source] => acm ) [3] ... (more) can someone help me interpret what this means? Am I getting back an object arrays? How do i access a value?
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